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Sanding System Modification

Sanding system design modification and operational review for Abellio


The existing sanding systems on the Class 153,156 and 321 fleets were originally installed as a retrofit and were only operational during full service braking and above. The systems were subsequently modified to enable sanding in step 2 and above brake applications, however trials on some units with step 1 sanding enabled were successful and the RSSB working group approved the roll out of step 1 brake sanding enablement on these fleets.
The operator, Abellio Greater Anglia (AGA) asked ESG Rail to design a modification to allow the sanding system fitted to Class 153 and 156 diesel multiple units to be operated in step 1 and above brake applications, whilst retaining the current functionality of automatic sanding during emergency and manual sanding under wheel spin conditions.

ESG also developed the concept modification, proposed by Eversholt Rail Group, to enable the sanding system fitted to the Class 321s to be operational in step 1 braking and above (as a manual operation by the drivers). ESG were also required to facilitate the sanding in all units when working in multiple. The current sanding functionality was only available in the unit with an active cab.

Finally, ESG was asked to undertake a review of the sanding operation on the Class 170/2 fleet, which is controlled by WSP equipment to determine the compliance of the equipment.

Work undertaken

  • Site Surveys at Norwich Crown Point and Severn Kings Depots to evaluation the existing sander arrangements on a Class 153, 156, 170/2 and 321 unit.
  • Design Solution Report defining the circuit changes on the Class 153, 156 and 321 fleets
  • Assessment into how sanding is controlled on a Class 170/2 unit, detailing whether changes to the WSP software is required.
  • Modification instructions and Bill of Materials for the Class 153, 156 and 321 fleets
  • Post modification test specification for the 3 fleets involved.
  • Updated electrical schematics and wiring diagram updates for the 3 fleets
  • All necessary certification supplied by sister company, Railway Approvals Ltd.
  • 1 days support at both Norwich Crown Point and Severn Kings Depot for first in class fitment.